So Frustrating!

Last week i took a flight from England to India. Normally when i take a flight i tend to meet people along the way and you end up becoming friends (that’s the beauty of travelling) and this time was no exception.

I sat down at the gate waiting to board my flight and this girl sat next to me. We instantly started chatting and getting to know each other. So much so that we were still sitting down having a good old chinwag whilst everyone else was boarding the flight.

Then the awkward ‘Are you on facebook?’ question came up. She asked me and i said yes. I typed in my name into her phone but for some reason I didn’t come up, just a whole bunch of other people with my name with seemingly no other way to find me.

Then i had a cracking idea; I added her to my facebook page, explaining to her that when i can charge my phone again (which was why i couldn’t ‘add’ her instead. Also for some reason my phone doesn’t connect to open wifi hotspots) i could see that she ‘liked’ my page and i could find her that way. I don’t know why i didn’t ask for her full name, I guess it was because i assumed i would be able to contact her on the other side so there was no need to. Also if you type in someone’s email you can find them, but i had a momentary lapse in concentration and forgot about this at the time.

We lost each other on the plane since she was sitting nowhere near me, and once we landed i couldn’t find her before she boarded her connecting flight (she was off to Goa and i was going to Bangkok) however i wasn’t too worried because i simply thought i’d find her on the internet a few days later and we would keep in touch that way.

Once i got back home i checked my page. For some reason it said that someone had ‘liked my page’ but it didn’t say who. This had never happened before. This also posed a dilemma for me; as i didn’t know her full name. I only knew her first name (which could be spelt at least 4 different ways) and where she was from. So in essence i had zero chance of finding her,

Of course, you may be wondering why i care, since i probably won’t ever meet this girl ever again right?

Normally yes, But she was telling me that she was planning to come to Thailand after she had finished in India and i said that if she came up to Chiang Mai and i was still here that i would show her around. I’m the kind of person who keeps their word, and hate the idea that someone may think i’m full of shit, because i consider myself a very honest person. And how it worked out didn’t exactly leave me in a positive light. (Are you on Facebook?….Oh, dagg nabbit! i can’t find me on your phone…..How about you add me on yours?….blah blah…bullshit excuse, but like my page and i’ll find you….then you never hear from me again) I wouldn’t want her to have that kind of memory of me. Everyone who has been travelling knows how fun it is to meet random people and just have fun together, and i wouldn’t want her trip to have been slightly soured by meeting someone who pretended to want to be friends with her then flat out ignore her, which ironically was one of the subjects we were talking about…

3 thoughts on “So Frustrating!

  1. I never thought anything bad at all! Though, I never made it to Thailand. I wonder where we’ll cross paths again.. I don’t plan to stop travelling, do you?

    • Not anytime soon. If I can get a steady passive income from my books then it’s unlikely I’ll ever settle down in one place. I’ll most likely see you some time next year when i’m back in England, but that’s the beauty of travelling; you can be in some obscure village in Botswana and think, “I think I know that person…”

      It’s a shame you didn’t make it here, I would have loved to have shown you the secret treasures of Chiang Mai. But I’m sure our paths will cross again one day 🙂

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