I’m no good at this spamming malarkey…


(click to enlarge, as it’s tough to read like this)

Forget that! What the hell is that picture?

I was teaching MASAKO! on Saturday and i was going through illnesses. The book had an exercise to suggest 2 things to do if you had a certain illness. Me being me i got bored waiting for her to finish it so i wrote this on the board. For some reason i was thinking of Samuel L Jackson quotes at the time so i thought it would be funny to put my own interpretations of what he might say.

Oh God! You know, some people get the sack for this…

Don’t worry, i made sure she didn’t write it down, and the bosses never walk in on a class anyway over here. It’s not like China (so I’ve heard) when one of your bosses will sit in on a least one of your classes per week. Here they kind of just throw you in a class with zero preparation or information and expect you to work miracles. So there is no evidence of me ever doing this in a class…except for this…hmm, maybe i didn’t think this through…

I wouldn’t worry. Most people don’t spend their days off searching through obscure blogs just in case they are mentioned.

And even if they did, i would deny it. If you say it enough times it must be true…

OK, this conversation is dying out. Lets go back to the original post. Why are you spamming?

I’m trying to get people aware of my book(s). Unfortunately for me i don’t know what i’m doing, plus i don’t have a six figure budget to ram it down people’s throats. This means that i joined the spam club. I posted on a few horror sites on Facebook (since my latest book is the diary of a killer) and after a couple of days Facebook wouldn’t allow me to post on some pages. It didn’t come up with a warning or anything; i just wouldn’t register when i pressed post. Then i tried Plan B (by now i’m way in over my head. I thought that if i didn’t get lynched i would have considered that a bonus) Plan B consisted of sending private messages to Admins of pages saying that rather than spamming their pages, i would send it to them personally and if they chose to post it on their page then i would be happy. It didn’t work…

Are you not selling any then?

Sales are going well, but my philosophy is you could have the best book in the world, but if no-one knows it exists then nobody is going to buy it. I want people to enjoy it. Money is a tertiary thought. The most important thing to me is that people enjoy it. Followed by reviews. Reviews to me are important because if i get good reviews, then more people are likely to want to read my work. If i get honest, bad reviews, i know where i am going wrong and i can tweak myself to become a better writer, which in turn will make people enjoy my work more.

What did you do this week?

It was my birthday last weekend, so me and my family went to a place called The Windmill. It looked incredible. After that we went to the place next door which was called The House of Beer. When we walked in they handed us a dinky little drinks menu that had 4 different beers on it. I joked that it should have been called The Studio Flat of Beer (I’m so fucking hilarious……) Luckily for us they had a backup menu which contained over 50 brands of random beer. I’m not a big fan of beer, but i thought i would give it a go since it was a beer specialist place (You don’t go to an
Italian restaurant to try their chicken caesar salad do you?). I ended up having a beast of a Hoegaarden that i needed to pick up with two hands, followed by a slightly smaller beer called Floris, which was a chocolate flavoured beer from Belgium. Drunk mode achieved, new rewards unlocked! Apart from that i’ve just been chilling, i hope to finish my fifth book by either this week or next week.

windmill pic

a FIFTH book? I thought you had only written two.

No, I’ve published two. This one is my attempt at a romcom. I’ve done horror, fantasy, comedy and a psychological thriller. Now i thought i’d try my hand at romcoms. Unfortunately they are not as easy as they sound and i’m not as happy with this as my previous books (mind you, i say that about all my books! I suppose i subconsciously think that to keep myself on my toes!) so after i’m done i have to send it to a few people to get critiqued then i will plot my next move. Other than that; i’m done. See ya!


The beast of a Hoegaarden


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