Milk and cookie night

My parents came to Thailand on Monday. They told me they were going to land at 4:45 so i told them that i was working. I lied.

In fact, i actually held a piece of paper up saying “I lied!” When i met them at the airport.

I had the whole evening planned out; they were expecting to arrive at the airport and mime their way to the apartment. Then wait for me until i got home at 9:00. Instead i held a milk and cookies night for them.

What is a milk and cookies night do you ask? Cracking question! It’s Ronseal quick drying woodstain; it does exactly what it says on the tin. (nice obscure reference there for any English people over the age of 25) You get a glass of milk, followed by a wide variety of biscuits and cookies to dip and eat. We’re English, so i had to get the McVities! I also got TimTams for Cara and Geoffrey the Australians (they said that they weren’t real TimTams though…), dark chocolate brownie Pepperidge Farm cookies for the Amurrican. (who didn’t show up in the end, so i ate them!) and some Thai sweets that to be honest i wanted out of my life. I got some shortbread biscuits as well in case anybody wanted them.

So overall there were 7 of us; Me, my mum, my step-dad, Cara, Geoffrey, Jack (the Dutch guy who is an artist on the pool table!) and Dave the Canadian. We held the milk and cookies night just outside my apartment. I live on the top floor in the furthest room. This means that no one ever has to walk past my room. And as such, the front patio area outside my room has been turned into a balcony of sorts, complete with patio furniture. We have a nice breeze that swishes past our floor so it is nice and cool in a country which is normally the complete opposite. Anyway, we all chilled out there and destroyed various biscuits. 2 and a half hours later once the cookies had dried up, (i’m lying again! I took them in so i could dismantle them in my own time…) I placed a can of Pringles outside, saying, “I don’t know if anybody fancies these, but i’m just gonna leave them out here.” They succumbed to the Canadian within 4 minutes!  I don’t know if anyone else had any but Dave the Canadian looked pretty darn satisfied with himself. “Mission successful!” I thought to myself.

Most people started to disappear at around 10 o clock in the evening. Once the last of them had thanked us for a nice evening i finally took my parents to a local Thai restaurant. 30 baht (60p) for meals that are absolute beasts! They looked like they had a good night, so overall the milk and cookies night was a success! I’ll definitely be holding another one of those in the near future…


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