What does ‘Geek’ mean in Thai?

I was out with one of my students having dinner with her (I know, I abuse my power so much!) And we got on to the subject of talking about other students. At the moment I have a lot of private students who all seem to know each other. I taught one of them just over a year ago and she recommended me to all her friends (cue, grabbing my own trumpet and blowing it profusely…) I mentioned to one of these students as we were eating a steak that my newest student was one of her friends. As they are all from the same group.

“Not my friend,” She replied, “He’s only friends with Hotthaigirlnumber539.”

“Oh.” I answered, thinking that there had been some history between the two and now they don’t speak as a result. “Did he upset you or something?”

“No…..Do you know what a geek is?” She quizzed me shyly.

A knowing smile smiling to spread across my face. “He was your geek?”

“No, he was Hotthaigirlnumber539’s geek.” She said.

“What a legend!” I thought to myself.

So…….What is a geek?

The literal translation is ‘Fuck buddy’. Thai’s tend to have at least one ‘geek’ that their boy/girlfriend doesn’t know about yet they talk about them openly to everyone else. It’s almost like it is culturally acceptable over here. If you ever get drunk with a Thai girl and start talking about geeks they’ll go a bit red at first, but then soon open up about it. I don’t think I could live like that; everyone knowing that my girlfriend is having sex with someone else yet I was completely oblivious as to what was going on. That would be humiliating. But each to their own I suppose…

Any teaching escapades?

No real lessons as such. I’m pretty sure I made one of my students orgasm in class though.

1: I hope it was a female. And 2: You are clearly abusing your power. Do you care to elaborate before I ring the police?

Sure. It was Tribeslady Barely Legal. And don’t worry, I didn’t do anything explicit. In Saturday’s class I was teaching them how to give a presentation and I was showing them how to expand off of cue cards. I then gave a brief presentation off my top of my head about hotel management. It wasn’t a complete presentation; it was only a minute long just to show how to introduce yourself and how to use cue cards effectively. At the end of my speech she let out a loud moan in the class that sounded like it should have been saved for the bedroom (or her geek’s bedroom, or in the back of a Nissan Micra parked outside Tesco’s at 2 in the morning because said geek’s girlfriend came back from her business seminar in Bangkok a day early and now they have nowhere to go…..) and I thought to myself, “Did you just orgasm over my presentation?” So for any teenage boys, or men for that matter, reading this wondering whether you can bring a girl to orgasm purely by the power of intellect, apparently you can……

SUPER WIN 100%!!!!!

It WAS a super win 100%! However what isn’t a super win 100% is I haven’t published my book yet. It’s very close. Editing takes time so I must anxiously wait until it’s done. I’m hoping that it will be out by next week though.

And how’s your latest book going?

Well…..ish…..not really……it’s terrible.

I’m kidding….ish….not really. I’m over 30,000 words in, but now I just want to finish it. Problem is i’m nowhere near the finishing line. My concern is that if i’m struggling to get motivated to write it, then why would anyone be motivated to read it? How can I expect to keep my audience figuratively on the edge of their seat if i’m not anxious to finish the story myself? Normally once I start it’s fine, it’s just difficult to start.

So is that it?

Yes. I haven’t got anything special for you. I can lie to you if you want?



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