TJ looks like a Pixar character


Arrrrrrr!!!!! Look at the doggy woggy!!!!

Yeah, they’re getting cuter. Unfortunately for me i don’t get to see them as much any more now they are living at my landlady’s mum and dad’s house. However last Friday TJ got brought over to ours because he wasn’t eating properly. This meant that i had to feed him some wet puppy food and at the same time make sure that the over dogs didn’t steal it.


How did it go?

Horrifically! The 2 adult huskies and the poodle (who hilariously is the alpha dog) clocked what i was doing and followed me from all angles. To combat this i put TJ on a chair so he could eat in peace. TJ didn’t grasp the concept of this and tucked in so manically that the packet of wet food slipped out of the bowl and onto the floor. I did well to keep the other 3 dogs at bay only to see in the corner of my eye TJ slipping off the chair. I managed to catch him in mid air (thank you Tae Kwon Do reflexes!) and place him next to the food where he polished most of it off. The other 3 dogs kept sneaking towards the food ever so slowly. It felt like i was playing a computer game and i had a time limit to make sure that they didn’t eat the puppy’s food. I won!

Not really; Comedy of errors if you ask me. How’s the book?

I’ve been slacking. I’ve only done about 3000 words this week. I’ve done an ickle bit more editing on the 3rd one to get it ready to be published, but nothing to write home about. I’m also still waiting on the book cover but the person who normally designs my covers is having an ‘I don’t have a fucking house’ crisis at the moment. So i may be waiting for a while on that one…

Stories of the teaching variety?

Sure! But, again, nothing to write home about. There were a few things where if i wanted to be a dick i could publish it, but i don’t want to pounce on every remotely funny story that happens (normally between the two Fucktards, see my previous blog post….) because not only does it make me sound slightly bitter, it takes away from the genuine gems that some of these kids come up with. For example i asked Fucktard Version 2.0 what a sofa was the other day and he simply replied “Sofa same same sofa” See comments like THAT are blogworthy, but i’m not going to post average comments for the sake of posting them.

Anything else? 

Yeah i went on a date! I was at Liverpool Lee’s drinking whisky and eating Filipino food and there was this girl who didn’t speak a word of English. She seemed scared of her own shadow and wouldn’t go near any of us, let alone talk to us. The next day Lee’s wife said to me that ‘Silencio’ wanted to watch a movie with me on Sunday. At first i thought it was a terrible idea since my Thai is better than her English, and my Thai is shocking. Then i thought that it would be a really fun experience trying to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak your language, so i accepted the challenge.

How did it go? Was it as bad as you thought it would be?

Not at all! We had a fun time and i got to improve my Thai a little bit. However it wasn’t really a ‘date’, more like two friends of the opposite sex hanging out with each other. If it was a game of Sonic the level would have been called ‘Friend Zone, Act 1’ <cue green hill zone music>

Anything else to report?

Not really. I’ve started a new season with San Marino in serie B on Football Manager, taught a bit, ate a lot of pasta, and stalked people on Facebook. Nothing special. Tune in next week for the same old shit, just slightly repackaged….


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