Suzy’s had puppies!!!!!

20140817_124327 20140817_124336  

How many?

6 altogether. They’re all various shades but we won’t know for sure what colours they are until after a couple of weeks when they actually start looking like dogs.


Do they have names yet?

No, not yet, I was lucky enough to get to name the last litter so i’m guessing i’ll get to name them again. Normally i wait a few weeks until i start to see what they look like and their mannerisms. Then i see what name might suit them.

What do you mean you get to name them? Aren’t they your dogs?

No they’re my landlady’s dogs. I’m allowed to go in there and play with them though. The next two months are going to be so fun. 1 month old huskies are ridiculously cute. The worst part is watching people take them though, so i have fun with them but i try not to get too attached to them because i know they are only going to be there temporarily.

Have you finished the book yet?

SI! i finished it on Thursday evening. I haven’t been busy at work so i utilized that time to finish the last bit of the book. I know it’s not finished yet, i want to stick an anger management class around the half way point because the transition from angry young man to reformed doesn’t really flow or make sense. Now I’ve given the book to a few people and i’m awaiting feedback.

SWISH! Back of the net! So how many books is that now?

Four. Four in 8 1/2 months. Not bad for a college dropout! I even gave James Pickering (the protagonist in the first book) a cameo role towards the end of this book. Almost like a little Easter Egg for people who have read all my books.

So is this one going to be published soon.

I can’t give you a definite answer on that. Once i get my feedback i’m sure i’ll know which way i want to go. But i want to publish another book so people don’t just think i’m a one trick pony, but at the same time i can’t release rubbish because no one will buy it. So i have to make sure what i’m releasing is good, not just any old shit. Plus that way i have two products to market, i’m not just shoving the first book in people’s faces all the time.

Speaking of which, have you got your business cards yet?

No, I’ve designed them though. They look shit. Then again, i always think what i do is not good enough. In a way it’s a good thing because i strive to be the absolute best at everything i try to do, no matter how unrealistic it is, and that in turn pushes my standards up.

On the front it’s nice and professional, then on the back it has the picture of my book cover, then next to it it says; “Random text that makes me look important. I’ve got nothing, so please help me out by nodding and looking impressed…” You know me; i can’t be professional forever. I hate anything that’s too formal. It seems unnatural and dishonest. So i covered both bases, professional and…..well….me.

If you are not working, then you don’t have any teaching stories. Have you done anything else other than build a great squad on Football Manager?

Well, on Sunday i went out with Liverpool Lee to watch the Liverpool match. Three quarters of a bottle of Benmore later we went to the next bar with flirtatious barmaids. I was like a kid in a candy shop! I asked who had boyfriends because i didn’t fancy getting shot by a jealous boyfriend who thought he was losing face. But once i figured out who was taken and who wasn’t things got a bit more fun. As long as you know its a fantasy and you are aware that they are only after your money you can have a lot of fun! It’s only when you get emotionally attached to these kind of girls that you start to suffer. This one girl took a particular liking to me (and our whisky!) and drank like a fish! She gave me her number and asked me to call her but i haven’t heard from her since. Liverpool Lee told me that a lot of these girls are teases and he’s not wrong. It’s a shame they tried to overcharge us twice on the bill because i liked that bar, but they are dishonest which means we will be taking our custom (and whisky) elsewhere. 

Anything else?

On Monday i went to an Italian restaurant and there were a couple of Italian guys there chatting. When they started to speak to me it was very frustrating because every time i went to say something in Italian it came out in Thai. I’d need to live there again if i wanted to speak Italian like i used to. Anyway on that note, ciao! I’ll see you next week. I’ll try and write something vaguely interesting, but i’m not promising anything…..

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