There’s a romance developing in my classroom…

Oh God, are you going to have to go to prison?

Not with ME! 2 of my University students seem to have developed feelings for each other. I’m no psychologist by any means but i can feel that they both like each other and shyly talk to each other a lot. The girl is very naturally beautiful and the guy is extremely smart, so it’s a Disney movie waiting to happen! Because of this i make sure that when we have a ‘work in pairs’ exercise i put them two together for as long as possible and listen to them first out of the whole group. This way they have time to talk to each other in Thai when i’m not looking and get to know each other a bit more without the watchful eye of the teacher making the conversation awkward.


Well i want to do something good in the world. They obviously like each other and if i have to play cupid to casually push them into each others arms i’m happy to do that. Last lesson we were doing ‘Have you…/Can you…’ etc.. questions and the girl asked if he had a girlfriend. He said no and she said “Why?” In an exasperated tone. I wanted to serve them spaghetti and meatballs and then watch him push over the last meatball with his nose…..

I better get an invite to the wedding……

So lessons are going well then, right?

Yep, can’t complain. I did a basic vocabulary game with them that involved the students saying a word that began with the last letter of the previous word. For example; Hat….Table….Egg…..Gigantic…etc…

To make it more interesting (mainly for me) I called the game ‘Super Dooper Vocabulary Game And Ting Because I’m Awesome Like The Miz!’ So i explained the rules and then said like a 90’s game show host, “So let’s play:’Super Dooper Vocabulary Game And Ting Because I’m Awesome Like The Miz!'” Followed by singing a Sonic 1 jingle (Spring Yard Zone just in case you are curious)

Did they understand what was going on?

I didn’t think they would to be fair. But surprisingly in a game that should have lasted 5-10 minutes it lasted 30 minutes because they kept coming up with so many words! There were times when i was racking my brains thinking, “I can’t actually think of anything..” Then from out of nowhere the student whose turn it was would shout out “Reference!” “Reference, good one!” I’d shout back, thinking, “Shit, good job i’m not playing this game!!!”

Brilliant! So the student becomes the master, how very ‘Karate Kid’ of you…. Have you published your book yet?

Nearly, and i use that term not as loosely as you think; I’ve seen a preview of the kindle version and it looks pretty legit. I was grinning like an idiot when i saw it because i couldn’t believe that the file i was looking at was my work. So the file is registered. I just need to triple check it one more time (no matter how many times i check it, there will still be problems. That unfortunately, is life.) before i set a price and then hit publish. I envisage that there will be at least one more major hiccup. But after that i just need to hit the publish button and wait for Amazon to check that i haven’t plagiarized another book and then it will be ready to buy! I can’t believe i’m nearly there. 

So have you had a life during this time?

Kind of. I went to a party at Jen and Julia’s, the two girls that used to live with me. (You may remember Jen as the girl who came up with a cool plot twist in my third book, and i ended up naming a character after her.) And we all got McPissed. I saw loads of people there who i hadn’t seen in ages. Including a guy called Isaac who was in Chiang Mai just for the weekend (He’s moved back to The States) so it was really nice to see him. I stayed there until 3 in the morning and i don’t think i did anything embarrassing, but i’m sure i did and i just don’t remember it. I remember at one point two girls went to hug each other and at the same time they managed to knock my drink down my white shirt. “Great!” I thought, “Any minuscule chance of pulling tonight has abruptly ended with a nice black coke stain down my top.” I soon forgot it existed and carried on talking to random people trying to seem normal. Near the end of the night i even had a little boogie. Good job only a few people saw though, no one wants to see video evidence of that!

We do! Anything else you want to share with us?

Yeah, this:


I went out for dinner with my bosses again up on a rooftop overlooking the skyline. That blueish building you can see is the newest shopping mall called Maya. The reason it is blue is because it changes colour every so often (Asia doesn’t do things by halves!) and at that point it just happened to be blue.

I’ve also ploughed through another 5000 odd words on my latest book. I wrote 2000 on Sunday alone! I am trying to get it done before i go back to Eng-Er-Land next month. It is a possibility as long as i stop committing myself to crazy hours teaching and i get this first book published as soon as possible. Speaking of which: I’ve set up my own author page on Facebook if you want to have a look. I’m hoping that it will generate interest from people other than my immediate friends. And i’m done! See you next week where i hope to be writing to you as an official published author!


Here’s a picture of what one of my students got me as a goodbye present. Shame one of them looks suspiciously like….. Actually no, i’m not going to say it, i’ll let you figure it out….


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