Sheldon brushes up well!!!


Nice suit!

Cheers! My mate is getting married in August so i’m going back to England and i thought it was the perfect excuse to get a suit. I need a belt because as you can see the trousers fall down a little bit if i don’t. But i was very happy with the end product. I was unsure at first because i have heard some real horror stories, but the guy seemed to know what he was talking about so i trusted him to make something that would suit me (i’m colourblind, so i have zero style or colour co-ordination skills) and i’m glad i did.

I looked in the mirror and i couldn’t stop smiling. I even said to the guy, “I’m the son of a milkman, what the hell am i doing wearing a custom made suit?” He laughed, i’m sure he hears similar comments every day though…

Fair play to you…. What’s happening in the classroom?

We’ve got a load of Chinese students in. All the other teachers look really stressed and beaten down with them but i’m finding them a breeze! A mate of mine told me that Chinese students are great to teach and he was right! You have to be confident and assertive with them of course! But as long as you take charge and they know who the boss is so to speak, they are fantastic to teach.

I also saw my old Omani students from last year. 4 really nice girls who are about 7. Their English was terrible but they were obviously trying. I thought they had gone back to Oman and i’d never see them again but they are back again this year. I’m not teaching them but when i saw then at the school i invaded the lesson to say hello and did some colouring with them for 10 minutes.

Lovely…What a nice story…..No dipshit! I meant funny stories!

I’m teaching a basic English class and i do a lot of games with them. 1 game involved smply 1 student chucking a ball to another asking a basic question or a short answer question (Do you like Harry Potter? Yes i do. etc…..) and they lost a life if they said the question or answer wrong. One of my female students who i’m going to call ‘Big is sexy’ nodded in my direction and said to another student and said…..


Big is sexy: Shall i give him a b……

With my not so innocent mind I looked up in pure panic. ” ‘Yes’ is definitely the answer to that question” I thought to myself, but it’s hardly appropriate.

Big is sexy:….A book. 

She continued after stuttering. Relief, and a admittedly a small amount of disappointment broke out over my face.

“Oh my god!” I said softly covering my face in pure shock. “Please don’t ever say anything like that again.” I gasped at her. 

She didn’t understand. This is a girl who has worn a shirt to class simply saying “Bitch, please!!!” On it. A couple of weeks ago she wore one saying “Don’t call me a cowgirl until you’ve seen me ride” So i’m guessing she isn’t aware of the faux pas’ she is making. Or maybe she is, maybe she is a bit of a naughty girl? Who knows? I mind end up actually getting that b……..

Oh deary me….. You published that damn book yet?

Nope. Yet another snag; I went to put my book cover on and apparently it was 50 odd pixels too small. So i sent it back to my sister and i’m waiting on that. (again, i’m not paying for it, so i have no right to complain…) I’ve done my biography and my friends have told me how to tweak it so it looks legit, and the copyright notice is all but done. I just want it out there now. However i am a huge believer in ‘everything happens for a reason’ so i wasn’t meant to release it yet. And when i do it will be the right time. So i’m not concerned. Yet anxious to see how it is received would be a better way to describe my feelings…

Another excuse… What about your writing?

The 4th book is starting to take shape. I’ve introduced another character. More of a cameo role by the main character’s uncle. He’s a nutter! Beats people up for no reason and generally gets a buzz out of intimidating people. I wanted to bring him back to normal before i start making him depressed. I’ve already had an unstable psychopath in my last book so i wanted to bring him back to reality, and i felt the only way i could do that is to either have a friend or a family member who is MUCH worse and he sees what he could potentially become, scaring him straight.

All done?

More or less. I’m watching Breaking Bad again, plus i’m taking San Marino to the top of the world with a minimal budget in my spare time. Actually no! I’ve got one more story; French girl is back! So we went out for dinner to catch up. I said to her that we were going to go to a western place because she had been isolated outside of the city for a while so she hadn’t eaten western food for a long time. After cycling for a while we came across an Italian restaurant offering 3 for 2 on glasses of wine (She’s French, so she knows and enjoys good wine) so we went there. To our surprise it was a real upper class ristorante, complete with fancy napkins. I felt like i was about to propose to her, not just go out to dinner as friends. Faith was restored though when she saw a rat run through the restaurant. This may be shocking for anyone who lives in America, England, etc… but anyone who has been to India or South East Asia will just say “Meh…” When they hear that… At least the wine was good!!! Now i’m done, see you next week!


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