Chris Wars, Episode 2: The Artist Formerly Known As Thacker strikes back

Me and the artist formerly known as Thacker


Errrr…… What is….What is that?

Chris is getting his recordings ready for his book and for some reason he thought it would be a good idea to include me in this. I reluctantly accepted and prepared to do many different accents on his CD; Brummie, Italian, Cockney, Southerner, Scouser, Southern American, Russian, Borat, and even Cleveland… You name it, i attempted it….

How did it go?

Well…turns out i’m not as good at accents as i thought i was. Average at best would be putting it politely…. Either way i wanted it to be kept in because i thought it would be even better to have bad accent attempts than good ones. We had a great time doing it though and that’s the most important thing. I kept saying to him if he wanted recordings to be done again to tell me but he insisted that they were OK. So i guess he was happy with what he ended up with.

So, that means Chris is progressing on his quest for stardom in the land of Thai..

Yep, He’s on 14,000+ likes on his Facebook page now. He deserves it. So i was glad to help in any way i could to propel him there a little bit quicker (or hinder his chances judging by my recordings!) and i hope he continues to succeed.

Kiss arse! What else has happened in your life?

I went for a mookrata with a little lady called Rosie and her friend Jess. I met Rosie when i worked as a barman 4 years ago (see the picture of me wearing the big Guinness hat on my ‘about’ page)


Yeah, it’s like a Thai style buffet. Some people call it a Korean buffet but I’ve had buffet style dinners at Korean people’s houses before and it isn’t anything like the Thai style. Rosie sent me a message saying she was going to be in Chiang Mai for a few days and i thought i could either take her to the tourist area and get drunk just like everybody does, or i could show her a real snippet of Asian culture. More specifically, Thai culture.

Got any pics? 

Unfortunately no. I’m not one for taking pictures and she’s too busy travelling to upload any pictures. When she does i’ll steal it and put it on a random post to confuse everyone.

Did they enjoy it?

Yeah they had a great time. It was nice to catch up as well. Now she’s in Vietnam, going to places that i haven’t even been yet! I’ve got all that to look forward to in a few years though.

Publishing. Give me info!!!

I hit a snag; I believe everything happens for a reason no matter what it is. Yesterday i stumbled upon a blog that started talking about stupid mistakes that first time authors make, and one of the things was that you have to pay royalty fees for quoting lyrics in a book. In mine when the main character meets (one of his) love interest(s), he turns to her friend and sings, “BEAT IT!” trying to be funny and failing miserably, so i contemplated changing that part and possibly upsetting the whole balance of the book to avoid paying a mahoosive royalty fee.

Did you?

No. Luckily i found another blog by a nice lady called Anne R Allen who went into a lot of detail about it. I contacted her to ask about my specific situation and she told me not to worry, because as long as i was only saying the title, it was OK because a title can’t be copyrighted. So that was a huge relief. Yet another panic over in a world where i’m clearly uneducated about and out of my comfort zone. But hopefully nothing but positives from here on out…

Is that it then?

Yep, that’s all, except for one thing; i got a suit tailor made last Sunday. I felt very rich trying it on. Also because i’m tall and skinny most clothes look baggy or unnatural on me. So it was nice to see what i looked like with fitted to measure clothes on. At the risk of sounding arrogant I looked pretty damn sexy actually! And that’s it. C ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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