Sorry i’m late, I’ve got a whole bunch of excuses ready…..

This better be good…..

I lost my internet connection for nearly two weeks so I’ve been sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting on it. Not last Saturday, the Saturday before was going to be the day. The day that i was going to focus all my energy on getting this book published because i had the whole day off. So i set off to buy a wireless adapter so i could at least connect to the wireless. I bought one but it didn’t work, so then i cycled 20-30 minutes back to the shop to replace it only to find out that that feather plucker didn’t work either! Bad luck and very frustrating!

Keep talking…

I went back a couple of days later and they tested it. And it only bloody worked! Which meant there was something wrong with my computer. The landlord was running up and down the stairs everyday trying to fix it (I’m on the top floor) Until he found out that my driver needed uninstalling and re-installing again. He told me what was wrong and what needed to be done but anything to do with computers goes straight over my head no matter how intently i listen, i was just nodding and smiling pretending that i knew what he was on about… Long story short i’m back! And I’ve realised how much i rely on the internet. I felt like i was getting heroin withdrawals or something….

So i’m guessing the book’s not published yet?

No, not yet. It’s on my list of ever-growing things to do though, and i am determined to get it sorted as soon as possible (or depending on how much mental strength i have at the end of every day..) All the edits are done. I just need to piece the puzzles together, stop being such a pussy and get it on amazon before someone else puts a similar story on there….

OK. Does that mean you have given up on writing your 4th book as well?

No not at all! I still have Microsoft Word so i can still write. I’m up to nearly 20,000 words now and i don’t think i’m anywhere near half way through it, so this book is most likely going to be a lot longer than the others. But i’ll talk about that more tomorrow….

Tomorrow? What the….flick?

Yep, tomorrow. I missed out on publishing a post last week so i’m going to publish one every day for the next couple of days about what’s happened in my McLife. See you when i see you…


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