Military coup, week…..3? Is this still going on? I just don’t know anymore…..

What do you mean you don’t know? You live there!

I know, but I’ve been confined to my bed for the past week. I had some dodgy flu bug that drained all my energy and caused pain in all my muscles so the coup has been the least of my concerns, especially as it doesn’t really affect me unless i stay out past the curfew. So if you are looking for an update on how it’s going i’m probably the wrong person to ask. I couldn’t give you a direct answer because i was too busy lying in bed feeling sorry for myself. But i guess it’s still going on. I know the bar that all the prostitutes would go to after hours to pick up an inebriated fellow has now become a funky looking coffee shop, presumably so it stays in business at least until the curfew finishes. Every so often i see a few army guys standing around town with their guns looking like bosses, but there’s nothing drastic happening here. If something does change i’ll let you know.

Okey dokey bacon smokey. How’s the publishing?

I haven’t really progressed yet. I’ve got my sister designing my book cover as she’s an artist and all around general legend. And I’ve sent parts of my books to various friends just to edit stupid things that i may have missed while editing it myself. Apart from that nothing else has really been happening on the publishing front.

O….K. So what about teaching stories?

Well i haven’t been teaching that much either because I’ve been ill. But i am teaching this TOEIC (academic test) class where half of the students are shockingly poor. At the start of the lesson i was doing basic questions to get to know each other like ‘What is your name?’ I asked one of the little gems how old she was and she said “I…27 o’clock” I’m no academic examiner but i don’t fancy your chances in an international test….

She’s gonna go far! So is that it then?

Actually no, i started writing my 4th book. I know i said i was going to wait until i published my 1st one but I’ve been itching to start writing again and I’ve lost a lot of confidence and positive energy since i stopped writing. So i need to do something to keep my mind active or i feel like i’m wasting my life. I did write off a couple of days of my life playing South Park: The stick of truth (Great game by the way!) but after that the negative thoughts kept creeping into my head and i felt sad for no particular reason. This way i can build towards something and stop my mind from wandering.

Oh great, another book! I hope you can feel my sarcasm! What’s this one about then?

Well i surprised myself with this. I have told a few people what my 4th book was going to be about but i decided to put that one off at the last minute. I have a few ideas floating in my head about what kind of things to write about. Yesterday a friend of mine asked me “Why can’t you write a positive book for a change?” And i quickly replied that i can’t write anything positive, i can’t only write negative things because that’s what naturally flows. Then later that night i thought, “Why can’t i? I’ve already wrote about a psycho killer and a book about a fantasy war set in the future. Give it a go and see what comes out?”

So that night i thought of a concept i wanted to go with. This book is different to the other 3 in the sense that i already know how it is going to end (i’m always open to change depending on where the book takes me, but i pretty much know how this book will end) whereas in the other 3 books (and the book that was supposed to be my 4th, but will now probably be my 5th) i had a vague concept of a story, possibly a start. But only a very vague idea of what i wanted in terms of a spine to the story, with no idea how i was going to end it. I enjoyed the idea of an ending coming to me in a dream or when i was waiting at the traffic lights, then having to race home or to work and write it down before i forget it. But that’s not going to happen in this one, or at least i don’t think that’s going to happen. So it will be very interesting to see how it plays out.

Ever thought of being a politician? You droned on for ages and didn’t even answer my question!

Well i’m going to leave that a mystery for now. One mistake i learnt writing about my 3rd book was that i think i gave too much away. So i’m going to wait until i have a fair amount of dialogue to the story before i start giving away snippets of what happens.

What about your views? Has anything changed?

No, it’s still the same as last week. I got a surge of views from Amurrica so they consolidated 3rd place. But most of my views were either from Thailand or The UK, so i don’t see the top 3 changing anytime soon. And that’s it. Hopefully something interesting happens next week that i can tell you about. If not, i’ll just lie…..


Random picture of me fire juggling…..

picture of me travelling 10


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