French girl’s last day



So what’s your excuse this time?

The French girl had her last lesson on Friday, so on Thursday she said as a joke we should dress up for the last lesson

You know me by now: challenge accepted…

I didn’t have anything special to dress up in, so i dressed up in the most unprofessional attire i could find, followed by the hat i wore when i was in the desert in India.

She’s finished already? You’ve only just started teaching her!

That’s the only real negative about teaching private classes like this; as soon as you get to know people and start to enjoy their personalities and mannerisms, their hours are up and they drift off into obscurity again….

So what did the French girl wear?

She didn’t show up! She sent me a message as i was on the way saying she was mentally exhausted and couldn’t come. So i had to turn up to the lesson wearing a desert hat and a t-shirt that said “If you can read this you are probably in my fucking way!” My boss wasn’t too pleased. I told her that it was OK because we were all dressing up. I prayed that the other girl came in all dressed up……she didn’t


She probably didn’t understand. She’s a lovely, friendly girl but her English isn’t that good, so i half knew that she wouldn’t understand anyway. I got her to wear my hat though…. and took a selfie with her.


Looking good Clarke!

yeah, I’ve never exactly been the most photogenic person. but i can lean like Michael Jackson upon request….


Ummmm….. right… Any other stories?

We were going around the class spitting out answers to topic questions as fast as we could. I got to the topic ‘a personal possession that is important to you’

Girl with 80’s hair: My father

(not a terrible answer, as they may hear person instead of personal possession…)

Me: Sorry, i meant something that you own that you think is important

Girl with 80’s hair: (without missing a beat) Losing weight

Me: No, as in an object that you really like

Girl with 80’s hair: Lipstick <I’ve NEVER seen this girl wear lipstick before>

Me: That’ll do…

You’re gonna have to do better than that, someone’s just sent me a facebook game request and i’m tempted to play it….

Well Fuckknowsistan was on target again the other day. We had a reading exam where the students had 20 minutes to choose from 4 different options: CH, HTK, MC and SH (abbreviations of people’s names). After the 20 minutes was up i went over to mark his test. out of 8 questions 2 of them were marked as NB. “What’s NB?” i asked him. Only for him to point at the bottom of the paper where it said in italics:

NB, you may use any answer more than once.

I looked at him in pure shock trying not to say anything that might be classified as ‘offensive enough to be fired’ “What does that say next to NB?” I eventually mustered, trying to hold in my disbelief. He smiled and pretended that i hadn’t said anything. Brilliant! i said. Luckily most Thai’s don’t understand sarcasm, so i get away with a lot by being sarcastic…..

Oh deary me.

Oh deary me is right….. At least he hasn’t booked his exam yet which is a positive i suppose. Hopefully the guy improves and one day gets to go to the university he wants to go to…

That’s nice, good luck to him. Hows the book, you must have finished it by now….

Almost, i’m on the final lap. I can sense the end is near because normally when i can see the finish line i write a lot. I though i was going to finish a couple of days ago and wrote nearly 4000 words in one sitting only to find that i wasn’t as close as i thought. I know what i have to write though and pretty much how to wrap it up. It’s just a matter of physically doing it now. She’s back in Bangkok after breaking up with View (her girlfriend) and meets up with some friends she met in Amsterdam. However this shows how badly her demise has been because they are shocked as to how messed up, angry and bitter she is. They leave and she only gets more angry… and that’s all i’m saying i’m afraid. Hopefully by this time next week i’ll be finished.

That old chestnut…. Has anything interesting happened to you this week?

I’m glad you asked! One of my friends who is a writer (i met her at a writing seminar on how to self publish a book) invited me over for dinner with her and her husband. They live in a beautiful village with its own tennis courts, swimming pool etc… and they cooked me an amazing dinner. I’m very lucky to have met such amazing and genuinely nice people out here! She showed me more of her book and told me that she plans to publish it by the end of this year. I can’t give you a link i’m afraid because her website isn’t ready yet. But when it is, i’ll pop a link on here

Anything else?

Yes actually, i just wanted to say thank you for helping me break over 100 views in one week. I’m extremely flattered that more than 100 people want to click on a guy in a Watford shirt and find out about my life. And that’s me done. SEE YA!!!!!


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