Cheers to ‘The Artist Formerly Known As Thacker’ for making a special guest appearance in my life…

Come on then let’s get this over with; The Artist Formerly known as Thacker?

Yep, I met him teaching at CEC a few years ago. He left but we kept in touch. He started working on creating a proper English book for Thai people because the standard of English books for Thai people are terrible at best! He got his head down and worked his A*** off. Including completely immersing himself into Thai culture. Most English speaking people here speak mickey mouse Thai but his Thai is fluent, and i mean fluent. And he’s done well for himself he’s producing youtube videos for Thai people. Things are finally looking up for him at the moment and he deserves every bit of success he gets

Oh god you’re not going to… What’s it called… The thing that goes into an electric socket?

A plug? You’re damn right i’m going to give him a plug (not that he needs it he already has 5000 likes on his facebook page)

Well done, it took you 1 month to sell out… So what happened? Give me as little detail as possible…

He contacted me on F2thaAcebook  asking if i wanted to play football last Friday. I thought “Why not?” I hadn’t played in a few years and it’s only a bit of fun. Maybe i could sneak a goal or two, and it’d be good exercise.

How did you do? Did you score?

Of course not, I got ripped to pieces! Thai people play at a very high tempo so even if i was at my best i would have been struggling. After 3 minutes of running after shadows i strategically decided to play centre back. Let’s put it this way i now remember why i said i was retiring from football a few years ago. I was teaching the next day and i could barely breathe! i think i need to do more exercise…

Speaking of teaching, you got any teaching stories this week?

I got 2! The first one i was sitting at my desk preparing for a class when some random Thai woman walked in with a massive smile on her smile. I remember thinking “I don’t know what is going to happen, but i’m pretty sure this is gonna go in my blog…”

“Hello teacher Lewis!” She beamed gesturing to her right as if she was about to introduce someone (there were only us two in the classroom) “This is your student!” She said still smiling

“No, that is a wall….” I thought to myself. Eventually i found out that she meant the student was in reception but the damage had already been done, sorry random receptionist…

And the second one?

I’m teaching a TOEIC class, and it’s as boring as it sounds. There are 2 students in my class; A French girl whose English is really good and a Thai girl who can barely say her own name, it’s a sitcom waiting to happen…. Anyway, I was going through one of the questions with the Thai girl and she was looking at her book ignoring me. So i started to sing ” You’re like a belly dancer. I give you the question, you give me the answer, police saying freeze DA-DOING-DOING-DOING!” I don’t know what possessed me to do that but it made the French girl laugh so at least it wasn’t a wasted reference…

What is a French girl doing learning English in Thailand?

She wants to teach kindergartners here and wants a high TOEIC score so she can prove to potential employers that she can speak English. Unfortunately for me she is very European so she questions every little thing i say and never gives me a break.

Sounds brutal..

Actually i love it! She keeps me on my toes and i don’t feel like i’m just going through the motions like i do with some classes. I came here because i want to help people and if someone has the same passion as i do i can bounce off of it. This may seem hard to believe for anyone that knows me but i do genuinely care. Its just when i get rich kids who don’t want to learn i think “If you’re not gonna try then neither am i…”

I suppose now i have to ask you about the book. You finished it yet?

Not yet, so carrying on from last week she was feeling remorse about what happened to Old Bill (the character who died) and she knew something about his death that she couldn’t tell anyone, which in turn meant there was more of a burden on her shoulders because she had to hide her true identity from people as well. This weighed heavier and heavier on her until she finally cracked and told her boyfriend who she really was

How did he react?

He kicked her out. He also told her that if she ever came back he would tell everyone who she was. So it was an ultimate rejection. She pleaded with him for a while but eventually left. Then she fled the country to Holland where she is spending lots of money (the money that she won) on drugs and prostitutes, men and women. She’s starting to feel those psychotic emotions again such as a repeatedly humming or singing a creepy song she wrote. The same one she sung to the girl as she was killing her. So we’re getting closer to the end now, i’d say i’m about 70% or more through this one

So are you done? Can i go back to my life now?

Nearly. I’ve re-done my ‘Home’ and ‘About’ pages. My friend Clayton (who is also a blogger) helped me set it up which is why it says it is Clayton authenticated. I’ve also done some blurb pages for my books as well so my blog is slowly filling up with random stuff, and that’s me done for this week, tune in next week when i….. ah, I’ve got nothing…



A picture of us at a school Christmas show. The Artist Formerly Known As Thacker is on the back row, far right, in the black shirt.


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