369, damn you’re fine, move it so i can sock it to you one more time……

Top of the morning to ya! Where shall we start first?

I’m gonna start with teaching today; I was teaching MASAKO! and we were playing a game where i had drawn a board game on the board with all different subjects on it. Basically whatever she landed she had to say 6 things about it. E.G. 6 colours or 6 countries. She landed on ‘objects in this room’ and she said WINDOOOW……….WAAAALLLLLLLL……

There are no prizes for guessing what i said next………

Winner! Anything else?

Yeah, i was teaching a class last week and we were going through how often. For example: every day/week/month, once/twice/three times a day and i finally got to ‘every other day’. I wrote it on the board and asked………

Let the games begin……

Me: What Does Every other day mean? Does anyone know?

Class: <Looking down staring at their books in unison>

Me: Have a guess

Class: <More avoiding any eye contact of any shape or form>

Me: OK, what do you think it is? (gesturing at one of the students)

Student 1: Sleep

Me: Erm….. No, but good try, what about you?

Student 2: Take a shower

Me: It’s good, but it’s not the one. The rest of you you’re back in play. Buzz in when you know the answer…

Student 3: What i do in my free time

Me: I suppose we are getting closer now, how about you?

Student 4: Sometimes

Me: By process of elimination you are the closest……

Love it! got any more updates on your book?

Yeah, i got feedback from my 1st book and everyone said they really enjoyed it which was a big relief for me. I always wondered whether i was wasting my time and when the people i gave it to kept saying “I’ll read it next week” I started to think that it wasn’t very good and they had read a bit, put it down and didn’t want to hurt my feelings so they came up with excuses such as “I’ve been really busy lately” or something to that effect. But they said that they thoroughly enjoyed it and were asking me questions about the characters in the book which makes me think they did like it because if they didn’t they would simply smile at me awkwardly and say “yyyyeah, it’s great!”

What one’s that?

It’s the book about a kid who becomes a child actor and makes millions of dollars before he’s even hit puberty. Then he struggles to deal with the constant demand of fame and you watch his life slowly unravel due to his own insecurities and getting involved with drugs and women. There’s a lot of twists and turns in it and….. well actually, i don’t want to spoil it for you.

Can we read it? 

It’s not at the publishing stage yet, but i’m thinking about putting the first 250/500 words or something on here to generate interest. But nothing’s concrete yet.

Gotcha.  Hows the latest one going?

It”s slowly but surely getting there. I pretty much have an idea how i’m gonna end it now so it’s a matter of letting the story run away with itself and if i come up with any sub-plots or a better ending along the way then even better. I’ve been putting filler in at the moment because i wanted her to have a miscarriage but when i added up the time she found out she was pregnant after 4 weeks and miscarried after 7. So i needed to stretch that out so she could get more time to get attached to the idea of having a baby and possibly even have a scan so i haven’t really progressed (apart from the miscarriage of course) i’ve just been extending the story and almost dragging out the miscarriage. I even got a bar fight put in the middle so that may lead to a sub-plot later on

So is that it for this week?

Pretty much. I have updated my homepage though so now I’ve got pictures on there and it looks a bit more professional now. I’m slowly getting there! And that’s me done i’m afraid. I’m hoping to get my head down and finish the first draft of this one within a few weeks because I’ve already got a few ideas as to what the 4th book will be and i’m itching to get started on them but at the same time i know that if i start a new one i will never finish this one. So i’m staying focused and hopefully it’ll be done in a few weeks!

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