Have you heard? That’s weird, borderline absurd. I thought everyone had heard…….

Lewis………Book……..Talk to me……

It’s going well, not as well as i would like but it’s a working progress. I’m writing more than i was the week before, so i’m slowly but surely heading towards the finish line

Sounds good, but we still don’t know what it’s about. You casually mentioned something about it being a killer, but i’m gonna need more than that if you want me to read it….

Fair enough, this one is set in a ‘dear diary’ point of view. At first i wanted it to be a death bed confession but i knew it would be much harder to express the transition from psycho to reformed back to insane if it was written at one moment at the end of her life. So i thought if it was a dear diary, you would be able to slowly see the anger in her teen years and the slow demise of her mind. I knew it would be much harder that way but if i can pull it off it will definitely be worth it.

I’m sorry, did you just say HER life?

Yeah, it’s a female killer. My friend Jen came up with this really cool idea of revealing half way through the book that the killer was actually a girl as everyone would assume it was a boy. I’ve given her girlfriends throughout her life and at one point she experiments with a male and the audience assumes its a gay experience. I like random plot twists like that that no one is suspecting, so big thanks to Jen on that idea.

Where are you at so far?

Without going into too much detail, she’s been given a new identity and is living in Chester. She begins to work in a bar and blends in nicely. She still is showing no remorse at this point and its almost as if she is completely oblivious to what she has done. In the bar they have lock-ins every Saturday night and one day all the locals are talking about the killing and she starts to freak out that people may clock who she really is and goes to the toilet to calm down. But she seems shocked that people are angry at her. She feels that if they knew the person she killed they would side with her, and even after this she has zero remorse. She then moves into the pub where she is working to continue her secret relationship with the landlord (which at this point the reader assumes is a secret gay relationship), a few weeks later she wins a ’100000 pounds a year for life’ scratch card (which is vital to where i want to take the story later on…) and then out of nowhere she reveals that she is pregnant with the landlords baby (which is obviously when i hope people will go “hang on, she’s a GIRL???”) and that’s pretty much where i’m at at the moment.

Tell us what we all want to know! How many people did she kill and how did she do it? And how old was she went she did it?

She only killed one person, I’m not gonna reveal how though, you have to read it! I can’t give you all the information or you won’t want to read it

Fine! I don’t want to read it anyway!

That’s not very nice……

Sorry, i get cranky when i don’t get my way. so any updates on the teaching?

I’ve been working a lot. A lot of IELTS classes which is basically an international exam that students have to take if they want to study in America, Australia or Europe. The other day i was doing a reading exam so it was extremely quiet in my class and i heard the teacher in the next classroom was playing ‘Bird is the word’ on his phone doing some kind of English related game. Anyone who follows me on facebook will know for the first year i was here i got by teaching English by doing the ‘Bird is the word’ song and dance in classes. Sometimes teachers would knock on my door and say “They’re not listening, i need you to come in and do the Bird is the word’ dance”. So anyway when i heard this i thought “You sir, are a god. I would sacrifice a small animal for you!” and invaded his lesson and started doing the dance. They giggled for a while and i left. 2 minutes later i heard it again and i stood outside the classroom window with a sign saying “Have you heard?” He told me to go away but i felt my job was done for the day, and in turn i could sleep at night…….

Anything else?

Not really. Actually, that’s a lie! I did my first guest blog for my landlady on what it was like finding a teaching job for the first time if you want to have a look http://www.cmstay.com/want-teach-chiang-mai-5-failsafe-tips-real-life-experiences-resident-teachers/ the first half is nothing to do with me, but after the picture of all the schoolkids that’s all me. And that’s me done i’m afraid. Next week i’ll keep you updated on how this book is panning out and if something hilarious happens in the classroom you’ll be the first to know. Ciao for now!!!!

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