Hey Lewis! Hows things?

Not too bad, can’t complain. Did a bit of writing and a bit of teaching. Nothing special….

Oh yeah? How did the teaching go?

Same old. I was teaching this lad how to find information from some text to answer gaps in a diagram that he had been given. There were three gaps numbered 6,7 and 8, and on these were tunnels that had been dug underneath some cow pat. 6 was 20 cm below, 7 was 30 cm and 8 was 10 cm. OK so now I’ve set the scenario lets get into it…..


Me: Right, so to find the answers to these gaps we need to look around the diagram and establish what keywords we are looking for. so what do you think we are looking for?

RANDOMMAN: The information

Me: <Silence>

RANDOMMAN: <More silence>

Me: What information?

RANDOMMAN: From the diagram

Me: …….And what is that?

RANDOMMAN: <Looks at his book for inspiration>

Me: OK, what does it say on the side?


Me: What words do you see?

RANDOMMAN: The approximate depth in centimetres

Me: Lovely! So how deep is number 6?


Me: Have a guess

RANDOMMAN: <Stares straight through me>

Me: So from the numbers on the side; 0, 10, 20 and 30, which number does it line up to?


Me: <getting frustrated> What number is the 6 next to?


Me: <Smiling, as technically he is right> Use a pencil or a ruler to line up and see which number it is closest to.

RANDOMMAN: <yep, you guessed it; no reaction, no inspiration, just a look of ‘tell me the answer’>

Me: OK I’ll show you, You see this number that says 6, next to it on the directly on the left it says 20 cm, this means that it is 20 cm deep

RANDOMMAN: Oh i thought that was an 8.

Yep, this is my life……..

Sounds brutal!

Well, it’s not that bad. He’s a good kid (I say kid, he’s older than me!) It’s just he answers with extremely vague answers. Which will help you if you’re being interrogated by the police, unfortunately it doesn’t help you in an international English speaking test.

OK, so you’re pretty much moaning about nothing. Hows the writing going?

I’m glad you asked. It’s going well. It’s by far the most difficult book I have written though. This one is about a child who kills another child and goes to prison, comes out and gets given a new identity. I was inspired (Maybe the wrong word) by what happened to the James Bulger killers. One day I was reading about Jon Venables going back to prison and that he had struggled to maintain his new persona and I thought that would be an interesting insight to write from: that you have to wake up in the morning every day knowing that you are an evil child killer, that nothing you did from now on could ever change that and that if anybody knew your true identity there would be more than a few vigilantes who would be more than willing to put you through what you had put an innocent child through. Also trying to live a lie and every time you see someone looking at you you think “Why are they looking at me? They know who I really am!” And I wanted to slowly document their slow downward spiral into depression, and possibly insanity.

Are you sure you haven’t copied this off of someone?

Well I had to do some research to make sure I wasn’t copying anything out there without realizing. Amongst other things I found there was a book called ‘Boy A’ which has a very similar concept. So I had to get an overview of that story to make sure I wasn’t writing exactly the same thing. Luckily he (Jonathon Trigell, the author) took it a completely different way to what I was planning to do.

That won’t hold up in court….. So how are you doing so far?

I’m about half way through, to be honest I’m finding this one very difficult to finish. I have an outline as to where I’m taking it (although i haven’t got an ending yet) but I’m struggling to get inside the mind of the killer. I’ve been watching lots of documentaries about killers and things (Believe me, it’s very uncomfortable to be continuously clicking on all these links about psychos and killers, I wonder if the government has got me on red alert!) and that’s about it really. It’s only a first draft and I know that I’m going to have to change a lot of it anyway so I’m not that worried. Take care you beautiful people and i’ll try to write something vaguely captivating next week.

SEE YA!!!!!!!!!

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